Local Soldiers

Soldiers from Wise and Dickenson Counties did not shy away from the opportunity to serve their nation when they were called. Several of those young men never made it back from the war. There has been an effort, dating from the years immediately after the end of the war up to the present day, to remember the sacrifices those soldiers made. The following pages provide the names of those who were killed and more information on their service when available, as well as photos and descriptions of memorials located in Wise and Dickenson Counties.

Soldiers’ Stories

This section contains photos and short descriptions of the service time of eleven soldiers from Dickenson County who died during their service during the Great War.


Contains an interactive map that shows the locations and descriptions of local memorials. This page also features pictures of each memorial.

Honor Roll

A non-exhaustive list of soldiers from Wise and Dickenson Counties who gave their lives during the Great War. Some of the soldiers cited for distinguished service during the war are also listed on this page.